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Girl vaping large cloud

Vaping multiplies risk of COVID-19 in teens and young adults

Young people who had ever used e-cigarettes were five times more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 than those who hadn’t vaped.

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Guy Vaping or Smoking with Mask

Tobacco Nation in the age of covid-19

Areas of the country with high rates of smoking—a risk factor for COVID-19 infection—are also among those with the lowest hospital capacities.

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African American Man looking away from camera

Why tobacco is a racial justice issue

Truth Initiative has long recognized that racism is a public health issue and found that there are major reasons why racial disparities in tobacco use persist. Here are some actions and continued efforts needed to address these problems.

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FDA should require research on impact of e-cigarettes on youth

A group of leading tobacco control experts called on the FDA to require tobacco companies to submit research showing the impact on youth in the US before authorizing the marketing of any new tobacco product; including e-cigarettes.

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Puff Bars

Dangerous loopholes: Young e-cigarette users report swapping products as vaping policies change

Following the removal of certain flavors of JUUL young users switched to other brands still offering sweet and fruity flavors.

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Image from Rebekkah's one year video

One year of recovery: the journey from opioid addiction

The Truth About Opioids campaign brought Americans face-to-face with one woman’s opioid addiction, withdrawal and treatment. One year later, she’s celebrating her recovery.

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